Victorian Curriculum

At Ranfurly Primary School, we believe that in order to empower our students to be independent, innovative and engage with the world, we must provide transdisciplinary learning environments that foster creativity, conceptual understandings and an inquiry approach to learning. We provide a consistent written, taught and assessed curriculum, both vertically and horizontally across our school that is relevant, significant, challenging and engaging. Our curriculum is collaboratively planned, assessed and reflected upon by all teachers, delivered through the Programme of Inquiry, and aligned with the expectations of the Victorian Curriculum F-10.

The Victorian Curriculum is used as the curriculum framework to plan and monitor the developmental learning of individuals and small groups of students with similar learning needs from Foundation to Year Six, in accordance with DET policy and guidelines. The Victorian Curriculum includes the learning areas of; English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Health and Physical Education, The Arts and Languages. Alongside these are the four capabilities of Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Capability, Personal and Social Capability and Technologies.

At Ranfurly Primary School we provide a differentiated curriculum that recognises and responds to diverse student needs, addressing the specific requirements of students in relation to gender, special learning needs, disabilities and impairments, giftedness and students from language backgrounds other than English. When developing our Programme of Inquiry, and units of inquiry we identify and cater for the differing needs of individuals and particular cohorts of students.
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