Strategic Plans & Reports

 Our Strategic Plan (2016-2019)
Every four years schools are required to review their past performance, and with their community, decide on the direction the school wishes to pursue for the subsequent four years.  The vision, objectives and targets for each school are outlined in a Strategic Plan.  You will find a copy of our 2016-2019 Strategic Plan here.   

Our Annual Report (2018)

Every year the Department of Education & Training requires schools to release an Annual Report in response to the yearly aims of the school’s Strategic Plan.  Here, you will find a copy of our Annual Report 2018 as presented to the Ranfurly School Council in April 2019.

Our School Performance Report (2018)

Throughout the school year the Department of Education compiles school-level data and produces a Differentiated Schools Performance Report. The differentiated school performance method provides information about current performance, and performance trends over time, whether improving, static, or declining. The outcome provides a picture of performance that is differentiated for every school. Differentiated school performance groups are determined by utilising two dimensions of performance results: current performance and change in performance over time, using selected school performance measures. The report aggregates each school’s results across six performance domains: achievement, school climate, student attitudes, participation, engagement and senior secondary. It assigns schools to a performance group, based upon their aggregated domain level results: transform, stretch, influence, renew and recharge. We welcome your thoughts, comments and questions regarding this report at any time. You will find a copy of our 2018 School Performance Report here.
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