School wellbeing
Winnie: Winnie joined the Wellbeing team in February 2022. Winnie is a cream and apricot coloured Groodle (Golden Retriever/Poodle) and was born in Cobram, Victoria.
Winnie’s role is to provide a safe and happy space for our Ranfurly family, and she does just that. Winnie is super friendly and is also pretty clever, other things she can do include:
  • Improving connectedness
  • Enhancing academic outcomes
  • Improve relationships
  • Shift and eliminate challenging behaviours
  • Improve attendance
  • Decrease time out of class
  • Increase empathy
  • Increase ability to self-regulate
  • Reduce anxiety
Winnie sits in the Wellbeing Hub with Mrs Byrnes and Mrs Stewart and attends school 5 days per week.
When Winnie is not at school she resides with Ms Hogg and her dog Ollie. Winnie likes to visit the dog park and play with other dogs; she enjoys playing in water, digging holes, chasing birds and running laps of the school oval.

Community Project Officer: Our school Community Project Officer is Erin Byrnes. Mrs Byrnes role is to obtain funding and grants for our school community. Mrs Byrnes also manages our students in Out of Home Care as per Department of Education and Training guidelines. Mrs Byrnes provides support to our families experiencing complex and/or diverse needs. Mrs Byrnes can be contacted via the school office to discuss any support requirements.

Chaplain: The role of a Chaplain is to support the emotional wellbeing of students, this includes looking after the personal needs of students, not just academic, by providing spiritual and personal support. Any student can access our Chaplaincy program and consent forms can be obtained by contacting Donna Stewart our Wellbeing Officer who oversees the program.
Chaplaincy services are provided by the Department of Education and Training through the National School Chaplaincy Programme. Ranfurly Primary accesses Chaplains through Your Dream School Programs.
Our current school Chaplain is Keith Foley. Keith supports a large cohort of our Ranfurly students both in the classroom and in the yard. Keith enjoys hanging out at the basketball courts during recess and lunch and also facilitates lunch club on his days of work.

Wellbeing & Disability: Donna Stewart is our school Wellbeing Officer and Disability Inclusion Coordinator. Mrs Stewart takes care of our students and families who may need some additional social emotional support. Mrs Stewart can assist students and families with referrals to external services and can be contacted by the school to discuss any concerns you may have for your children or family.
In addition to Wellbeing, Mrs Stewart coordinates the Disability Inclusion program which supports children with disabilities or additional needs who may be eligible for in class support. Please note, these students are identified by school staff due to knowledge of criteria.

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