The Ranfurly Way

The Ranfurly Primary School Family celebrates that our school sits on the land of the First People of the Millewa-Mallee. Our connection to community in our school is strong and we wish to acknowledge the Latji Latji and Ngintait as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the Country on which we are on. We also wish to acknowledge the deep history of our neighbours the Barkindji-Wiimpitja have in our district and our school community.

At Ranfurly we work with our community in partnership, to successfully educate our students. As a Stronger Smarter School, we promote the ability for our community to be ‘Strong in the heart’ and ‘Smart in the head’.

Through a culture of ‘High Expectation Relationships’ for all, our school is a highly motivated and focused environment where children are happy and highly engaged in their learning.

Our staff are highly trained educators who have the skills to know their students and teach them the next step in their learning journey.

Ranfurly Primary School

Our School is committed to providing the highest quality education through the recognition of individual learning styles, effective communication, teamwork, continuous improvement and the development of a sense of belonging.

Our school has a culture of individualising student learning through rigorous data tracking methods and planning for the next learning step. In our School you will see that the children are the most important factor that we consider.

That is the ‘Ranfurly Way’! 
Ranfurly Primary School
348 Ontario Avenue, Mildura VIC 3500
Principal: Dennis Mitchell
Phone : (03) 5022 1299

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