Physical Education Specialist Program

At Ranfurly Primary School we strongly promote healthy lifestyles and student participation in physical activity. Our Physical Education (PE) program aims to develop our students Fundamental Motor Skills and their ability to apply these skills to sport-specific situations plus have skills and strategies to improve performance and maintain fitness.

As well as encouraging participation and enjoyment of physical activity and sport, with the view to helping them become lifelong participants in physical activity. There is a strong interest on doing your best. In PE sessions our students enjoy participating in a variety of sports and minor games, including gymnastics, athletics, court sports and field sports.

All students participate in a weekly specialist lesson taken by our Physical Education Teacher and one additional session with a teacher from their Unit. All Physical Education and sport sessions are inclusive of engaging programs that further enhance Fundamental Motor Skills and develop knowledge and understanding of minor and major games/sports.
We offer many opportunities for participation in sport including:

  • Our School Championships: Our whole school participates in annual Cross Country Run and Athletics Championships. In both events students compete in Sports Houses and as individuals
  • Interschool Sport Program: Our 5/6 students play organised matches against neighbouring schools in the Oakleigh District. Summer sports include: softball, basketball, rounders and cricket. Winter sports include: football, soccer, netball and Volleyball. Students also compete in Gala days, a Basketball Round Robin, Cross Country and an Athletics Carnival. Interschool Sport provides a wonderful opportunity to practice skills, sportsmanship and game etiquette as well as meet students who could attend the same secondary school as some of our students in future years. Our 3/4 students also have some opportunities to compete against other schools in cross country, athletics, a Cricket Gala day and a Footy 9’s Gala day. As members of School Sport Victoria, successful teams and individuals have a pathway to Region and State Championships
  • Perceptual Motor Program (PMP): Our PMP program helps to promote balance, locomotion skills, hand/eye co-ordination, as well as body space awareness, auditory and visual memory. Our Prep students participate in this program with the support of their teacher and parents.
  • Swimming: Our students participate in a five day intensive swimming program which operates at the Mildura Waves Pool. Participation in the program not only teaches healthy living and the swim skills necessary for enjoyable leisure time activities around water, but also focuses on the essential water safety skills that may save their own or the life of another.
  • Lunchtime Sports: Students learn game skills and the rules of the game during 30 minute lunchtime activities. Teachers coach students in groups of twenty in sports that may include: basketball, netball, softball/tee ball, AFL Football, soccer and/or cricket.

The Arts

Exposing young minds to the Arts from their first year of school is a priority for us at Ranfurly and our two specialists do this very successfully. Visual Art, Performance Art and Instrument Tuition are all key components of this. Children find success in very different ways and by providing extensive creativity development opportunities, children with these strengths thrive at Ranfurly.

Visual Arts Specialist Program
At Ranfurly Primary School our Art teacher is very passionate and enthusiastic about what they do and engage the children in a broad range of art experiences. The students are provided with a variety of different materials to create and make 2 and 3 dimensional works in a well-resourced Arts learning studio.
There is an emphasis within the program to develop conceptual understanding and to foster creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Our program focuses on the five elements of art- line, shape, colour, pattern and texture. These elements are taught through the media of painting, drawing, modelling, construction, threads and textiles, collage and mark making.
Our great learning spaces in our Art Studio is a tremendous environment for students to express their ideas, observations and imaginations through their artwork in a meaningful way.
Students create work throughout the year using various Art forms including: drawing, painting, printing, construction, threads and textiles, collages and modelling, and clay. Themes of work are based on the Art elements and principles and where possible are integrated with classroom topics. Artworks are displayed around the school and then later taken home for families to enjoy.

Performing Arts Specialist Program

At Ranfurly, we are determined to provide our students with the skills necessary to become confident, contributing and resourceful global citizens. For this reason, we have developed a comprehensive Performing Arts program. Research has demonstrated that children who participate in Arts based learning programs including visual and performing arts, not only develop skills which can support fundamental curriculum skills, but also develop the following attributes which are needed in their future lives such as; creativity, confidence, problem solving, perseverance, focus, non-verbal communication skills, ability to receive constructive feedback, collaboration, dedication and accountability.
Performing Arts is a structured program which is provided for all students from Prep to Grade 6. Students engage throughout the year in all aspects of Performing Arts, including Music, Drama, Dance and in the older years Theatre Studies and Digital Technologies. The focus is on learning core concepts in all of these areas whilst also enjoying the opportunity to develop performance skills. Collaboration and confidence are both enhanced significantly through Performing Arts sessions. Singing is a fundamental component of the learning and a great favourite with our students.
Within music, students learn fundamental concepts including beat, rhythm, dynamics, pitch, composition, sound-scapes and singing. From Grade 3, students are introduced to a tuned musical instrument, with all children learning how to play the Soprano Descant Recorder. Through this, our students are able to develop their ability to correctly play the recorder while also learning how to read a basic musical score. 
We run an extensive instrumental lesson program from Prep to Grade 6 with expert tuition on a wide range on instruments including: strings, percussion, woodwind, guitars and piano.
Our talented students also feature in a variety of annual music events including: The Beat, Eisteddfod and Christmas Concert.
Every second year, Ranfurly puts on a major Production including singing, acting and dancing. In 2019 we had 90 cast and crew with 60 grade five and six students successfully performing “Giants in the Sky’ on the stage of Mildura Arts Centre.
Below is our list of major Productions/ Musicals that Ranfurly Primary staff and students have produced:
Giants in the Sky (2019)
We Are Monsters (2017)
Fairy Tales (2015)
Circus Spectacular (2013)
Show Time at Sea (2011)
Best Foot Forward (2009)
Cosmos Conundrum (2007)
Dragon.com (2005)
100 Year Rock (2003)
Australians All (2001)

Languages Other Than English – Chinese

Our students at Ranfurly have the wonderful opportunity to learn Mandarin (Chinese) from Prep to Year 6. Each student has a 60 minute lesson each week. Our program focuses on offering our students the opportunity to learn aspects of the culture and the language spoken.

Students develop a working understanding and practise of the Mandarin Language, from counting to making conversation while learning about the cultures, history and people of China. We focus on the communicative approach to learning. With this approach students experience a range of activities relating to speaking, reading, responding and writing in Mandarin, with an emphasis on activities that encourage communication in real life situations.
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