School Enrolments / Transitions

Grade 6 to Secondary Transition

The move from Primary to Secondary School is a major milestone for your child. It's a time of big changes in their personal development, education structure and life. At Ranfurly Primary School, we are committed to utilising our strong partnerships with families to ensure a smooth, well informed transition from Primary School to Secondary School.
Our Grade 6 students enrol into a number of local government and private secondary schools after graduating from Ranfurly Primary School. In preparation for Secondary Colleges, our students have opportunities to visit our local secondary colleges for a session where they can experience life at secondary school and meet some of the teachers and participate in some subjects. Government schools in Chaffey Secondary College (Mildura), Irymple Secondary College , Merbein P-10 College and Red Cliffs Secondary College all have Open Nights in Semester One and in December of each year, all Grade 6 students have two days of Orientation at their prospective Secondary Colleges.

In-School Transition

We also provide an in-school transition program for all our students from Prep to Year 5. This program has four 90 minute sessions in late November/ early December designed to prepare students for changes that they will experience as they enter a new-year level at school.

Please phone the school on 03 5022 1299 to book in for a tour and/or to ask for an Information Booklet about Ranfurly Primary School.

Preschool (Kinder) to School

Ranfurly Primary School conducts a very successful transition program over terms 3 and 4 for children leaving preschool and commencing their primary education. This program is a vital component of ensuring our new students make a smooth transition to the beginning of their formal education. During the transition program, our new students have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their new school environment, meet many of the staff they will be interacting with and experience some of the structures and programs they will encounter next year.

The Kinder Transition for 2019 concludes on the final Kinder Orientation Day on Tuesday 10 December 2019
Starting school is an exciting time for all children and at Ranfurly Primary School we have a well-structured orientation program that supports each child as they transition from pre-school to primary school.

Each year we offer our new preps four special visits to their new school commencing in November.

Prep Come n’ Try Days The sessions involve experiencing independent Learning time where children will explore, create, question, collaborate, with support from teachers
Each year we proudly hold  special open days for prospective Prep enrolments for the next year.
The four visits are designed to gently introduce children to school life and teaching staff. Once children have participated in these sessions they normally feel very comfortable in our school environment and look forward to commencing the following year.
Our caring prep teaching staff are also available to discuss any specific needs your child might have and you should make contact with them to organise a meeting time.
Please contact the office to make an appointment or discuss with our prep teachers at the transition sessions

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Principal: Dennis Mitchell
Phone : (03) 5022 1299


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