School Profile

Ranfurly Primary School was founded in 1993, and is located in a developing residential area of Mildura. The school has a current population of approximately four hundred and thirty students; enrolment numbers have remained steady over the last few years. The school is aligned to the Sunraysia Mallee Network of schools.

The student population is diverse providing a richness of cultural diversity making Ranfurly a unique and successful environment for learning. Our school offers comprehensive teaching and learning programs based around the Vic Curriculum. The development of literacy and numeracy are priorities and programs have been developed to focus on these areas. The staffing profile of the school has a mix of graduates, accomplished and expert teachers.   Specialist programs operate in visual arts, music/performing arts, physical education. 

The explicit teaching of thinking skills is an integral part of all curriculum delivery, and a variety of thinking tools and strategies are utilized throughout the teaching and learning program. Children are being taught about how they learn, so that they understand that learning is a process that they can use to improve their own lives now and in the future.    The You Can Do It Program forms a solid foundation for our comprehensive social competencies education, and special leadership programs equip senior students for the vital role they play within the leadership structure of the school.

The modern permanent buildings house 16 classrooms and are designed in such a way that allows flexible teaching groups to be utilised when appropriate.  Additional relocatable classrooms provide extra learning spaces. The modern, well equipped library is the focal centre of the school as both a learning and resource centre. A gymnasium and canteen complement the other facilities. Students in Years 3 to 6 have individual access to Net Books while classes from Prep to Grade 2 have classroom computers and multiple touch devices.

The School Council and Parents’ Club are very active and support the wide range of programs offered at the school and there is an emphasis on parental involvement and family activities. The school motto is RESPECT for others, PRIDE in ourselves and SAFETY for all and this provides the basis for all aspects of student conduct.   A priority of our Strategic Plan (2010-2014) is student well-being, which reflects a commitment to the individual development and personal well-being of all students and to a safe and caring environment.           

School Strategic Plan

The Ranfurly Primary School Strategic Plan sets out our school’s strategic direction for the next 4 years, including the school’s purpose, values and environmental context, as well as goals, targets and key improvement strategies in three student outcome areas:

  • Student learning
  • Student pathways and transitions
  • Student engagement and wellbeing.

Our school Strategic Plan has been informed by the information gathered and directions identified throughout the school self evaluation and school review processes, and through staff, student, parent consultation and engagement with relevant community agencies.

The school strategic plan is broken down into a series of Annual Implementation Plans which set out how the school will go about implementing the key improvement strategies.